Sightseeing in the Julian March

This region surrounding Trieste belonged to the Republic of Venice for many centuries whereas Trieste itself was an Austrian port. The Julian March originally included a large part of Istria, but after Worl War II it had to give away most of its territory to Yugoslavia. Nowadays, the Julian March and Friuli are united in one single Italian region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia - 10% Julian March, 90% Friuli. The Julian March is nevertheless well worth a sightseeing tour: thanks to its optimal location between the Alps, Slovenia, Istria and the Adriatic Sea, the Julian March is rich in both authentic natural landscapes and territories marked by history, and it offers a large variety of activities. Trieste Bus organizes tailor-made sightseeing tours for you to visit any sight you want to in the Julian March. Here are some of the main tourist attractions in the Julian March:

Duino Aurisina is a small town perched on top of high cliffs, with a beautiful nature reserve and an impressive panorama on the Adriatic Sea. The hills of Monrupino, Muggia, San Dorligo della Valle and Sgonico are also famous for their breathtaking landscapes and for archeological discoveries dating back from prehistory and from the Roman Empire.

Our experienced local drivers can drive you from any point in the Julian March to another in either a comfortable bus, a coach or a minibus. Trieste Bus can also organize your bus transfer from the Julian March to Trieste Airport or to any place in Friuli, in Slovenia or in Istria.

How to book a sightseeing tour in the Julian March

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