Coach travels starting from Trieste

Trieste Bus can organize your bus or minibus transfer in Europe. According to the number of people you want us to carry, we provide you with modern and comfortable buses, coaches or minibuses driven by an experienced professional bus driver. Trieste Bus can plan all your transportations in Trieste and its surroundings as well as your sightseeing bus excursions around Trieste, but also your international coach transfers outside Friuli-Venezia Giulia to neighbouring countries or any famous European city.

Some examples of bus trips from Trieste

Here are some of the European cities you can easily reach by coach from Trieste or from anywhere in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. As you can see, there are a lot of travel and long excursion opportunities starting from Trieste. Trieste Bus can take you to Europe's most famous destinations such as the capital cities Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, etc. Of course these are just a few examples of places you can reach thanks to our bus transportation service. If you want to organize a coach transfer or a bus travel to any other destination in Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Available destinations starting from Trieste - from the closest to the farthest

  • Venice (160 km from Trieste, 2hrs 30mins by bus or motor coach, 1hr 40mins by minibus): our buses can carry you to romantic Venice where you can sail along the canals and around the islands on a traditional Venetian gondola. You could even be as lucky as to be present for the famous Carnival of Venice which brings every year thousands of tourists from the whole world.
  • Zagreb (236 km from Trieste, 3hrs 45mins by bus or motor coach, 2hrs 25mins by minibus): travel from Trieste in one of our charter buses or minibuses to the Croatian capital city Zagreb - it is also the biggest city in Croatia with more than one million inhabitants. Although its economy keeps developping, Zagreb has not lost any of its originality.
  • Verona (262 km from Trieste, 3hrs 50mins by bus or motor coach, 2hrs 25mins by minibus): from Trieste you can easily reach the very old Unesco World Heritage city of Verona - famous for its unusual structure and its architecture. Lovers and romantic people will make sure to have a look at the "casa di Giulietta" (Juliet's House) where the famous Romeo and Juliet scene is said to have really happened - they will even be able to stand on Juliet's balcony.
  • Innsbruck (347 km from Trieste, 7hrs by bus or motor coach, 4hrs 30mins by minibus): start your bus trip from Trieste and go to Innsbruck, typical Austrian city in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. Between nature and tradition, the "alpine capital city" of Innsbruck offers a rich variety of sports and cultural activities.
  • Salzburg (372 km from Trieste, 5hrs 30mins by bus or motor coach, 3hrs 30mins by minibus): book a coach travel to Mozart's hometown in Austria: Salzburg. You can visit its beautiful Unesco World Heritage Old Town and enjoy the Salzburg Festival of classical music along with 240,000 yearly visitors.
  • Vienna (477 km from Trieste, 6hrs 50mins by bus or motor coach, 4hrs 20mins by minibus): a professional bus driver can drive you safe and comfortable to Austria's capital city Vienna - the "culture capital" where art, literature and music are everywhere and where a lot of worldwide famous compositors used to live.
  • Munich (503 km from Trieste, 7hrs 10mins by bus or motor coach, 4hrs 30mins by minibus): we recommend a coach travel to Munich, capital city of Bavaria - and one of the main economic poles in Germany. Munich is very appreciated for its Bavarian tradition and for its festivity, especially during the famous Oktoberfest.
  • Budapest (561 km from Trieste, 8hrs by bus or motor coach, 5hrs by minibus): travel from Trieste to Budapest in a coach or a minibus and enjoy its breath-taking landscapes and its luxurious monuments along the Danube. Budapest is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it attracts more than 20 million visitors every year.
  • Prague (774 km from Trieste, 12hrs 20mins by bus or motor coach, 7hrs 35mins by minibus): capital city and biggest town of the Czech Republic, Prague can be reached from Trieste by bus or by minibus. This beautiful city in the heart of Central Europe attracts every year around 4 million visitors who come there to enjoy its rich culture and admire its unique architecture.
  • Dresden (965 km from Trieste, 13hrs 25mins by bus or motor coach, 8hrs 15mins by minibus): let us drive you to Dresden in the German Dresden Basin: this baroque city offers a wonderful green panorama as well as many places dedicated to art in all its forms. The region of Dresden is one of the main economic poles in Germany.
  • Berlin (1090 km from Trieste, 15hrs by bus or motor coach, 9hrs 15mins by minibus): our comfortable coaches and minibuses and our professional drivers can carry you to Berlin in Germany where you can enjoy all kinds of shows and take part in all kinds of events. Berlin is a multicultural capital city which attracts around 8 million tourists every year.

How to book a bus trip starting from Trieste

If you want to travel in a coach from Trieste to anywhere in Europe, please feel free to send us your request by email at or to call us at +43 6991 952 49 44. Please let us know the following information so that we can provide you with an offer that really fits your expectations: departure date, destination, number of passengers, sightseeing programme (transfers, sightseeing tours...) and - if possible - an approximate budget for your bus trip. If you do include as much information as possible - be sure we will answer you in very little time.

Our Trieste Bus team would be delighted to help you organize your bus trip and your stay anywhere in Europe.